Untitled (ghostwriter), 4’32” excerpt from field recording, alongside a 300m forest path

Untitled (ghostwriter)


Untitled (ghostwriter) is an audio work consisting of extremely amplified sounds of snails.

Captured while they were eating, mating and moving over copper and a selection of other wet and dry surfaces,
these recordings were made in
anechoic chamber. The noises were then transformed into an algorithmic composition / endless patchwork,
optimized for outdoor use.

The work plays with its surroundings and also with the expectations and attentiveness of visitors to the exhibition.
With speakers attached to the trees alongside a forest path, the snail sounds were accompanied by ambient noises, such as wind and rain
and by other sounds of species in the park.

Visitors entered a sound zone (snail's pace), which overlapped the levitating distance and visual resemblance of a snail's shell
with the spiral shaped bony labyrinth of the inner ear (cochlea). An internal experience of becoming a hotspot - or snail - themselves.


Disruption, Remapping Nature, Lustwarande, Tilburg


15 High-end outdoor speakers, stand-alone computer, multi-channel software


alongside a 300-meter forest path

Sound Excerpt:

4’32” (from field recording)


Photo: Liza Wolters

Model: Merle Bergers