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- Zamboni for the Moose, Galerie Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam 5 July / 2 August 2014
  along: Thomas Raat, Florian & Michael Quistrebert, Gareth Nyandoro, Tamy Ben Tor and Miki Carmi,
  Mike Pratt, Anne de Vries, Kareem Lotfy, Anders Nordby, Timmy van Zoelen, Nancy Acid, Julian Sirre
  Curated by Juliaan Andeweg

- The Hidden Picture, Cobra Museum, Amstelveen _ 12 Sept 2014 / 4 Jan 2015
  along: Christian Boltanski, René Daniëls, Richard Deacon, Sonia Delauney, Ad Dekkers, Jessica Diamond, Roni Horn,
  Pyke Koch, Ana Navas, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Michael Raedecker, Carel Willink, Ossip Zadkine, Timmy van Zoelen a.o.

Offspring, de Ateliers, Amsterdam _ 20 May / 1 June 2014 _ 2pm - 6pm

Æon Flux, Perpetual Precedents IlI, P/////AKT, Amsterdam (solo) _ 24 April / 25 May 2014 _ Thu - Su / 2pm - 6pm

Proof of a Promise _ Location Z,  Villa Ockenburg, The Hague _ February 2014
  along: Roger Hiorns, Maarten Vanden Eynde, Thijs Ebbe Fokkens, Ibrahim Ineke, Saskia Laurant

- Left Eye Right Eye (cat.) _ V8, Karlsruhe (D) _ November 2013
  along: Riccardo Benassi, Beni Bischof, Rodrigo Hernández, Valentina Jager, Martin Kohout, Cathérine Lommée,
  Kriz Olbricht, Tilsa Otta, Rita Ponce de León, Ana Navas, Mike Pratt, Sangree. (Design: Dongyoung Lee)


Untitled (dowsing rod doodle), 2013 _ tie wraps


5th wall, 2014 _ oil-bonded casting sand

Irregular Feeding Program _ Mother & Child during: Offspring 2014 de Ateliers, Amsterdam

Eyecatcher, 2012-2014 _ (Edition of 9 + 3 AP) _ CNC milled and Hand polished Acrylic, Thin Film

Untitled, 2013 _ plaster / casting sand / dust / human hair

Untitled (groover), 2013 _ casted bronze

Æon Flux _ P/////AKT, 2014 (documentation will follow soon)

Untitled, 2013 _ silica gel + slug egg

Think Tank, 2012-2013 _ Wildcam IR documentation (173 photos) / These images were captured on movements while
staying in the sensory isolated environment for 8 hours 36 min

THINK TANK (masterclass)                                                                                                               (camera: Linda Hoo Hui Lan) 

Pleasure is all mine to inform you that Think Tank found a new permanent address. After launching the process 
of preservation during the 15-month stay at Lokaal 01 Breda, Think Tank continues its existence in a full swing to the AVL port area of Rotterdam.

Works (selection), 2008 - 2012

Untitled (fountain), 2012 _ i.s.m. Sven Fritz   /   www.overdeschutting.nl

Untitled (shepherds), 2008