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Æon Flux, Perpetual Precedents IlI, P/////AKT, Amsterdam (solo) _ 24 April / 24 May 2014  

Offspring, de Ateliers, Amsterdam _ 20 May / 1 June 2014


Proof of a Promise _ Location Z,  Villa Ockenburg, The Hague 
  along: Roger Hiorns, Maarten Vanden Eynde, Thijs Ebbe Fokkens, Ibrahim Ineke, Saskia Laurant

- Left Eye Right Eye (cat.) _ V8, Karlsruhe (D)
  along: Riccardo Benassi, Beni Bischof, Rodrigo Hernández, Valentina Jager, Martin Kohout, Cathérine Lommée,
  Kriz Olbricht, Tilsa Otta, Rita Ponce de León, Ana Navas, Mike Pratt, Sangree


Think Tank _ Wildcam IR documentation (173 photos) / These images were captured on movements while staying 
in the sensory isolated environment for 8 hours 36 min, 2012-2013

THINK TANK (masterclass)                                                                                                               (camera: Linda Hoo Hui Lan) 

Pleasure is all mine to inform you that Think Tank found a new permanent address. After launching the process
of preservation during the 15-month stay at Lokaal 01 Breda, Think Tank continues its existence in a full swing to the port area of Rotterdam.

Untitled / (H.S. 1) _ plaster / casting sand / dust / human hair, 2013 ...

Untitled _ silica gel + slug egg, 2013

Untitled _ tie wraps, 2013

Works (selection), 2008 - 2012

Untitled (fountain), 2012 _ i.s.m. Sven Fritz   /   www.overdeschutting.nl

Untitled (shepherds), 2008