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Untitled (love dart), 2016 - calcium

... Questioning Brancusi's 'Bird in Space', whether it's not counterfeiting the reality of a snail?

Untitled (wingman), 2016 - solid cast urethane, 45 x 37,5 x 20 cm (3 + 1 A.P.)

Sliding under traces, 2016 - (Photography: Luciana Caputo / images courtesy of the artist and A Tale of a Tub, Rotterdam)

Æon Flux, 2014 - (Photography: Charlott Markus / images courtesy of the artist and P/////AKT, Amsterdam) 

Untitled (eye-catcher), 2012-2014 - handmade prototype

Untitled, 2014 - casting sand, plaster, dust, human hair

Untitled (groover) (anti-dated 1989), 2014 - casted bronze 

Mólubdos Manteía, 2014 _ Lead on metal structure

5th Wall, 2014

Irregular Feeding Program, 2014

- A young Mom is asked to suddenly appear
  in black from the crowd; and to breastfeed her firstborn
  at moments the baby gets hungry.

Untitled (doodle), 2013

- "a second thought added
   to the strangness of a path
   that leads nowhere..."

knotted zip tie

Untitled (eye-catcher), 2014 - casted optical acrylic (cnc-milled / hand polished), thin film, rubber, on rebar - Edition of 9 + 3 AP

Untitled (wishbones), 2014 - carbon fiber, titanium, silicone, wire

Offspring 2014 - (Photography: Gert-Jan van Rooij / images courtesy of the artist and de Ateliers, Amsterdam)

Irregular Feeding Program, 2014 

Zamboni for the Moose - (Photography: Arjen van Leeuwen / images courtesy of the artist and Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam)

Think Tank, 2015 

CTRL ALT DELETE (The Future Now) - Dertien Hectare, Heeswijk-Dinther (NL)

Think Tank (IR-Wildcam Documentation), 175 B/W photo's captured in a time-slot over 8 hours / 36 min.

Think Tank is an open-source research project on a sensory isolated experience, an independent and disconnected underground space
that was realized in 2012 for the exhibition: Contemporary Incidental Accumulation of Particles at Lokaal 01, in the city-centre of Breda (NL)

Think Tank, 2012 

Contemporary Incidental Accumulation of Particles - Lokaal 01, Breda (NL)

Untitled (The Distance) I / V, 2011 - 2012 _ Copulating snail trails on copper

The Id, Ego and Superego - Portal, 2011

The Id, Ego and Superego - Untitled (IUD), 2011

The Id, Ego and Superego - Black between the sexes, 2011 - (text-to-speech script) - Soundloop 9'40''